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Our Takes on Sabine's cards: hand 2 - cardmaking

Hello Friends! Here we are again With A second and last edition we Sabine's cards.
Hello Friends! We're back with a second and final interpretation of Sabine cards.


I Have enjoyed Sabine's technical So Much That I made this card thinking of him or. Now It Does not go all the way out, The Circle acts more like a pocket here:

I so loved the art of interpreting Sabien I created this card with her in mind . Sabine, if you pass by here, "you inspire me ;-)
This time, the message does not appear from the other side of the map, the circle joueant the role of a Foureau.


For this second card, I tried to integrate the central motif in the message. For the second
card, I Tried to Make the centerpiece of my card apart Of The sentiment

I'm here to explain to our readers that English does not work in English!

This is a card for my nephew's second birthday. What is says is "You are 2" Which works fine in French Because We Actually use Words That mean "you have 2 years" but I'm sorry to say Would not it work in Fran├žais ... You Could try to use "you are" on the left, 2 aces keep a centerpiece, and use "today" on the right.


soon as I saw the charts of Sabine, I immediately thought of the possibility of replacing the message with photos.

As Soon As I saw Sabine's cards, I Have Thought That I Could Change the Message Into pictures.

So I put my idea into practice to make one (Hot!!) Greeting card ... And here's the result: a very simple card to draw attention to the pictures.
So my idea
Became reality and I made a (last) "happy new year" card ...
And here it is: a very simple card to focus were the pictures.

Left side ...

... and right side!

I hope these cards will make you want to participate and try this technique! I hope

All These Cards Will Give You Ideas and You Will play with us and try Sabine's art!


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